Soham Chakraborty

Thank you Body Infinity for choosing to open such a clinic at Kolkata. It has been an awesome experience availling of your various services. Presently in vogue in place like Seoul, Shanghai, Dubai, London, Paris and New York. It is only one of its kind in Kolkata

Bengali film actor

Agnimitra Paul

Being a Fashion Designer, we meet many men and women everyday, young and old who comes to us looking for clothes to make them looking good. Now there in another palce in the city, where people can go for authentic skin care treatments and other services, all aimed at making us look our best. Congratulation Body Infinity. Keep up the good work.

An Indian fashion designer

Locket Chatterjee

Now look good and feel good without traveling abroad for advanced Miracla treatment. Find them closer to home at Kolkata. Congratulations Body Infinity and thank you for coming to kolkata.

Television and film actress

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