Skin Tightening

Skin tightening procedures provide a nonsurgical alternative to more invasive procedures for correcting skin laxity and improving skin quality. Today there are a number of different devices and technologies that provide noninvasive skin tightening solutions.

When should I think about Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

  1. If you have loose skin on your face, neck, arms, thighs or abdomen
  2. If you have loose skin or residual skin laxity after an operative procedure
  3. If you would like your skin to become firm and shiny
  4. If you want to reduce wrinkles on your face and body


  1. A non-invasive, nonsurgical technique that tightens the skin of the face and body
  2. There are no incisions, needles, injections, pain or discomfort
  3. There is no downtime
  4. Suitable for all skin types


  1. Results are less extensive and dramatic than those obtained with surgery
  2. Multiple treatments are usually needed for optimal results
  3. Skin redness, temporary swelling or numbness or volume loss around the treated area may occur


NOTE : These are the main advantages and disadvantages to consider when you want to do nonsurgical skin tightening. Please consult the clinic or our doctor for a consultation.

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